Kea or Tzia

Kea, also known as Tzia, is an island of 130 km2 and population 2.500. It is located 16 knots from Lavrio and is of great archaeological interest including the lion statue of Ioulis and Ancient Karthaia. It offers magnificent views with its picturesque landscape of monasteries, watermills, fountains and numerous walking paths. Kea owes its name to the hero Ceos, the leader of the Locrian settlers, who occupied the island.

It was also known in ancient times for the law of “Keion to Nomimon” – a custom which required that every citizen over 60 years old commit suicide by drinking conium or mandrake. In the Archaic period, the island was divided into four city – states: Ioulis, Karthaia, Koressos and Poieessa, connected by a network of roads. This was the home of prominent personalities including Simonides, Bacchylides and Prodikus. In recent years there has been a residential and tourist boom.

Image courtesy Kea Municipality

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