All itineraries are available here; you can also contact the cooperating travel agencies for further information.

The port of Lavrio is 60 km from Athens centre and 25 km from Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos “. You can commute in the following ways:

You can reach the port of Lavrio via Lavriou Avenue from Attiki Odos continuing in the direction of Markopoulo or from the southern suburbs via Vari-Koropiou Avenue (access to Lavrio Port from my location).


The intercity buses (Attica KTEL) to Lavrio depart daily from Pedion tou Areos Square (Mavromataion Street). The starting point is a 10-minute walk from Victoria Station on Metro Line 1. Duration of the bus trip takes about 2 hours.

Intercity buses (Attica KTEL) depart from the Airport to Lavrio with a stopover connection at Markopoulo (all Athens – Lavrio routes stop at Markopoulo).

Purchase of passenger tickets and vehicles transport receipts may be conducted in the following ways:
Through the website here, also our cooperating travel agencies.

GOUTOS LINES provides you the ability to receive your ticket(s) in electronic format, at your e-mail, mobile phone or tablet.

Click web Check-in between 48 to 2 hours prior the itineraries, receive your electronic tickets, and board the ship by displaying them during embarkation.


You can collect your tickets from our central port agencies at least 1 (one) hour before the departure:

  • Lavrio Port: Krialis Travel, +30 2292022900, +30 2292022901

  • Kea Port: TO STEGADI, +30 2288021435

  • Kythnos Port: Binis Travel, +30 2281032345

In order to collect your ticket(s), you should present your Booking Reference (preferably printed) along with your ID card or Passport. If you are a beneficiary of discount, you must also present all the necessary documents when issuing the tickets and on boarding. We cannot guarantee that you will receive your ticket(s) without the above.

Web check-in provides passengers, using their booking reference and their last name or mobile number filled during booking process, the possibility to receive a boarding pass in electronic format. Web check-in is available from 48 to 2 hours prior departure in 3 simple steps here.

A variety of discounts are available for passengers that can be viewed on our site here. For further information or booking please proceed to booking@goutoslines.com.

RED MILES is a Loyalty Reward Program. Subscribing to the program you will receive a ten digit membership card for your reservations and point allocations for further information here.

All itineraries are available here for more information regarding our schedule feel free to contact our Head Office +30 210 6135422.

Transportation of unaccompanied minor passenger who has not reached the age of 15 is not allowed. The transportation of minor passengers who have reached from 15 to 18 years old without being accompanied by parent or guardian is permitted under following conditions please click here.

Transportation of parcels can be arranged through our central port agents.

Prior embarkation of unaccompanied vehicles it is mandatory for filling in the special form provided here.

Also, note that:

  • The transfer of ‘unaccompanied’ Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs), whether fully operational or with any kind of damage, is prohibited.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) include:

  • Hybrid and purely electric vehicles equipped with accumulators (batteries).
  • Vehicles that use liquefied and compressed gaseous fuels (liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas).

Alternative Fuel Vehicles – AFVs (hybrid and purely electric vehicles with accumulators – batteries, and vehicles that use liquefied and compressed gaseous fuels – liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas) can be transported as long as they are always accompanied by a driver. The type of alternative fuel (AFVs) used by the vehicle should be recorded on the ticket issued, and appropriate signage should be placed at a visible point on the vehicle by the crew.

Vessel has designated areas for the accommodation of pets for reason of public hygiene pets on leash are not allowed in cabins, bars, restaurants and the ships indoor public areas (does not apply for guide dogs). When walking on the open deck they are required to be on leash, accompanied by a guardian. Updated health documents for pets are mandatory. Unaccompanied pets are not accepted on board.

Unaccompanied pets are not allowed on board.

Passengers with reduced mobility in need of assistance should kindly inform our company or the agent at port of their specific needs regarding embarkation and accommodation on board. Our crew personnel are qualified to provide any kind of assistance.

In case of ticket loss a new ticket must be bought

Tickets of a cancelled departure are not valid for embarkation and must be exchanged with a valid boarding card for the next scheduled departure, pending on availability, or canceled without cancellation fees if the body of the ticket is returned in its entirety. For more information please contact our central agencies or company’s office.

Tickets cancelled up to forty-eight (48) hours before the ship’s departure time have no charge.

Tickets cancelled up to twelve (12) hours before the ship’s departure (exact time) have 50% refund of the fare.

Tickets that have been converted to Open Date in case of cancellation have a 50% deduction, provided that the body of the ticket is returned in its entirety.

For cancellations made in less than twelve (12) hours before departure time fare CANNOT be refunded.

After departure: Tickets cannot be cancelled, cannot be converted to open date, and no change of date is possible. Tickets can only be cancelled by the travel agents by which they were issued; they cannot be cancelled by phone.

If you wish to cancel a ticket must deliver it to the agency that has issued it. Tickets purchased via our Company’s booking system and are not issued, CAN ONLY be cancelled by sending an e-mail to cs@goutoslines.com which must have been sent at least one (1) business day before the respective cancellation deadlines and where the details of the reservation as well as the contact number will be accurately indicated.

In case the ticket is already printed, it is necessary to send it to the Central Office of GOUTOS LINES (at the shipper’s expense) or to present it to the Central Port Agency of the port of departure.

Passengers who have lost or found a lost item on board, are kindly requested to contact the ship’s Reception immediately during their journey and most importantly before disembarkation. For any information you may require after disembarkation, please contact Company’s Head Offices, Customer Services Dept.tel. +30 210 6135422, e-mail: cs@goutoslines.com.

It is mandatory to enter the license plate info during the booking process, in this case please use RENT123.

Important: While collecting your vehicle and before your journey, please confirm that the vehicle category you chose when you bought your tickets matches the vehicle you will be travelling, in case of discrepancy please contact the central port agency at the port of departure.

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