We wish to inform passengers that as from today 11-05-2020,commuting for employees working for businesses that are reopening on islands has been allowed.

The Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, has approved commuting to the islands and between the islands only for owners and employees for businesses that their reopening has been announced for May 11.

The above transfers are allowed, provided that they are self-employed with a written statement of their own and if they are employees a written statement of employer.

The above statements must include:
a) Personal details of the self-employed/employee (name, address, telephone number, AMKA number).

b) The documentation of the most recent form in which the employee has been included and submitted to the “ERGANI” Information System (such as E3 recruitment, E4 supplementary timetable, E8 overtime, E9 fixed-term recruitment).

c) The type of business with the corresponding business code.

d) The TIN of the company.

e) The place of work (island name).

These declarations/statements are a prerequisite for the issuance of the ticket and boarding of the vessel. The passenger is obliged to have them with him at all times in order to display them at each inspection.

We would also like to inform you that our company implements the observance of the Pre-Board Passenger Detection Form in the context of minimization, restriction of dispersion and management in case of suspected case of the disease of  Covid-19, which must be completed and delivered to the Competent Service Officer along with the ticket upon boarding. The form can be obtained from our agencies or at the following link. It is also recommended to use the mask throughout the trip.

You can find our itineraries here.

For more information, contact our central agencies or company’s office at tel.: 210-6135422, fax: 210-8032180, e-mail:

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