Itineraries announced 01/04/2020 – 10/04/2020

We wish to inform you that due to the pandemic (Covid-19) resulting in the temporary traffic prohibition of passengers and vehicles (excluding permanent residents) in order to avoid and minimize the spread of the pandemic, GOUTOS LINES itineraries of our vessel “MAKEDON” from 01-04-2020 to 10-04-2020 are scheduled as follows:

☑️ Monday
06:30 Kea-Lavrio

☑️ Tuesday
18:30 Lavrio-Kea

☑️ Wednesday
06:30 Kea-Lavrio

☑ Thursday
18:30 Lavrio-Kea

☑️ Friday
06:30 Kea-Lavrio

☑ Saturday
08:30 Lavrio-Kea
15:30 Kea-Lavrio

☑️ Sunday
18:30 Lavrio-Kea

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